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Our priority is to adjust, as much as we can, to the current situation. We want to support you and your business, so we are offering the possibility to host an online pop-up.

We make it easy, reliable and affordable for you so you just have to focus on how to sell your products.

We can support setting up a virtual conference room where customers can connect with the brand, and its representative, via a video booth. The representative of the company will moderate the session, answering the questions from customers and redirecting to the website to finish the purchase.

You can manage the invitation to your online pop-up event as you please. You can use your social media channels to reach out to your community or your webpage. We will also reserve a page on our website to register for the event. The pop-up can be exclusive and invite specific customers or public. However you decide to manage it, we will support you in every step.

The first session is always for free.

After the first session you have two options:

- You can pay a fixed fee of 50€ + VAT for each session you want to organize, and we handle the rest.

- You can activate a subscription, which is active for three months and costs 100€ + VAT. With this subscription you will be able to perform as many Online Pop-Ups as you want during those three months.

The subscription won't be automatically renewed after the three months. If you want to repeat the experience you can activate it again.

To create the online Pop-Up Store you need to access our Go—PopUp Home Page and click on the button “Schedule Online Pop-Up” and then select "Organize Online Pop-Up".

A request form will open asking for the characteristics of the pop-up, such as title, description, date and time, if it is a public or private event, as well as the credit card details to corfirm the booking. 

After the confirmation, you will receive a link to an automatic page created for your pop-up where you will find the access to the streaming session and a list of the registered users. The event will be isted on the Go—Online Landing Page (with photos and descriptions), as well.

You can invite your attendees on the criteria you decide: social media post, website, or direct invitation. 

You just have to send the link to join the streaming session (which you will fing in the specific page of your pop-up, clicking the button Open Public Streaming Page) or the link to our website so they can sign up. Attendees will click on an active link redirecting to the event or Landing Page with the list of the planned online pop-ups.

If your pop-up is public, attendees can sign up via the shareable link or directly on our platform when exploring the collection of Online pop-ups.

If your pop-up is per invitation only, you will send the invitation to the users you like and they will join directly via the link in the invitation. Users can also request to join your pop-up on our platform. You will see a list of pre-registered users where you can accept the request to join. 

Your attendees will be participating in the Online Pop-Up through a straming window, where they will see the Brand Representative. Attendees can leave written comments while the streaming is live, and the Brand Representative will answer to the questions in real-time.

Yes, it will be recorded and uploaded in our Online Pop-Up Shopping Center, so you can share it later with your audience

You will be able to choose within the different options we have when filling the formular for the creation of the pop-up.

The monetization options are the following:

- Free Pop-Up: Your attendees will watch the session for free

- Donations Pop-Up: Your attendees will be able to join the event for free, but they will also be able to make donations for your purpose before, during and after the session in your website. Go—PopUp will charge a commission of 5% of the declared income coming from our leads.

- Entrance fee Pop-Up: You set a fixed price for the entrance to your pop-up and attendees who want to join will pay the entrance fee. Go—Pop up will charge a commission of 10% of the income generated by the entrance fee

- Pre-Sale Pop-Up: You set a fixed coupon price as the entrance to your pop-up and attendees who want to join will pay for the coupon. Attendees will be able to redeem the coupon before, during and after the session in your website. Go—PopUp will charge a 10% of the income generated by the coupon

- Product Catalogue: Regardless of the pop-up type, you can always add a product catalogue, including your products with direct links to your website. Attendees will be able to consult or buy those products before, during or after the session. Go—PopUp will charge a 5% of the declared sales coming from our links

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